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As one of the leading travel agencies in South Africa, Reynolds Travel Centre’s values drive us to give back to the communities around us. We regard this commitment as a vital part of our ongoing CSI principles. Wherever we can, Reynolds Travel Centre strives to support efforts that aim to make a difference through the development of programmes that improve the quality of life for people in South Africa.

Epilepsy South Africa

Reynolds Travel Centre proudly supports Epilepsy South Africa with donations that go a long way towards helping people living with epilepsy achieve their fullest potential in all spheres of life.

These donations ensure the sustainability of service programmes that have been developed, including income generation projects, suitable medical care and access to personal development through advocacy training, even residential care when needed.

Nokuphila Community Services

Nokuphila is a non-profit organisation that was created to provide much-needed support and care in and around the Kwa-Thema community through various programmes, including educational initiatives for children living with HIV/AIDS, care of orphans and vulnerable children, life skills training and support groups, and food distribution initiatives and food preparation workshops.

Every year, Reynolds Travel Centre donates to this very worthy cause to ensure that are able to carry on making a noticeable difference to the countless lives that have been affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.


Windmill Park

In an effort to rehabilitate what was once listed as one of South Africa’s most beautiful gardens, the Rotary Club of Springs Park has taken on necessary sponsorships to restore the park to its former glory. Reynolds Travel Centre donates a monthly contribution for the continued maintenance and up keep of the park to see the rehabilitation project through and to ensure that it does not fall into disrepair once again.

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Wendy Wu

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