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At Reynolds Travel Centre, we pride ourselves on the positive testimonials we receive from our clients. Hearing what our business travel as well as leisure travel clients have to say plays a vital role in understanding how we can enhance our services and tour packages to make sure that we always provide the best travel experience possible. We encourage our clients to give us their feedback, both positive and negative, so we can better serve our clients in the future.

Atlas Copco South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Atlas Copco has been working with Reynolds Travel for many, many years – assisting us with everything from flights, hotel reservations and transfer bookings to visa applications and foreign exchange as well as their conferencing services. Their airport transfer services are also a huge help when transferring VIPs travelling from overseas.

Reynolds Travel Centre is professional in their approach and provides a service that is personalised to our needs. They were instrumental in helping us obtain a corporate fare agreement when they noticed that we were making frequent use of a particular airline. It is this dedication and thinking out of the box to find solutions and routings that we hadn’t thought of that has impressed us the most about their service. Their willingness to assist has gone above our expectations, even to the extent that they will come through to our offices to consult with executives on intricate and involved routings.

The consultants’ knowledge and friendliness make my life a whole lot easier, and for that, I would like to say thank you. Their 24 hour emergency helpline is an extremely important function, offering valuable support to our travellers whilst they’re travelling.


"I would be happy to recommend Reynolds Travel Centre as I have experienced only the very best service at all times.”

- Ann Lee


Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Co. (Pty) Ltd

When I first started working at Hitachi, Reynolds Travel Centre was already the preferred travel service provider, which included various services such as flight bookings, car hire, forex, visa applications, event management, group bookings, individualised tours, travel reports and even providing dedicated services after hours.

Since I have dealt with the team, I have received nothing short of excellent customer service and dedication from professional, friendly staff who go beyond the call of duty to cater to our every need – and not just in terms of travel arrangements, but even the accounts department. Within our company, travel is divided into the various departments, and the accounts team at Reynolds Travel Centre accommodates this structure by supplying documentation that is already sorted according the correct department – saving us a lot of time.

Reynolds Travel Centre has played a key role in making travelling for our employees a lot easier, especially for me as the primary point of contact for making all the travel arrangements for the company."


"It goes without saying that I would definitely recommend Reynolds Travel Centre. Besides their professionalism and expertise, they offer a one-stop-travel-shop.”

- Natalie Holzberg

PA to the President

John Deere (Pty) Ltd

Reynolds Travel Centre has always been very helpful and professional in the way they conduct business with us and are prepared to walk the extra mile with a level of attention to detail that exceeds our expectations.

For us, the fact that we don’t have to go through a call centre but instead have designated consultants who are available on the cell phones 24/7 to provide us with a more personalised service is what has made their services invaluable to us. When problems occur, the Director or Managing Director is always willing to step in to resolve the issue quickly – no matter when we need it.


"They are just wonderful to work with. Nothing is too big for them to handle and their consultants will always do whatever is necessary to help in a very professional way.”

- Elsa Kruger

Sales Admin

Liebherr-Africa (Pty) Ltd

Ever since my appointment at Liebherr-Africa, I’ve had extensive business dealings with Reynolds Travel Centre. Not once have I had to follow up on any request I’ve had. Instead, I am offered different options to suit my specific requirements, whether it be flights, visas, permits or general queries.

The travel consultants at Reynolds Travel Centre deliver on demand. We can never complain about their service. If someone is not available at any given point in time, there will always be someone to fill in on their behalf.

Reynolds Travel Centre has always been extremely effective in finding whatever means necessary to assist us. As an example of an occasion where we needed special assistance; we booked a vehicle for my General Manager – when the car never arrived, the Directors at Reynolds Travel Centre took the matter into their own hands and arranged another vehicle in a very short time, even though the fault wasn’t theirs to begin with. On another occasion, one of our travellers encountered a problem in Dubai. When we phoned the Reynolds Travel Centre emergency number at 03h00 in the morning, the phone was answered and the problem was solved right there and then.


"As per my above recommendation, I can confidently say that Reynolds Travel Centre will go the extra mile to ensure ALL our travel needs are attended to; no matter how extreme the circumstances might be – try them, you will be pleasantly surprised!”

- Lucelle Potgieter

PA to the GM

Wendy Wu
Wendy Wu

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